mandag 22. oktober 2018

Vår nye misjonsorganisasjon!

tirsdag 9. august 2016

Lindesnes Fyr

På lørdag fikk vi besøke en vakker naturperle helt syd i Norge, ca 2500 km fra Nordkapp.

Sola skinte men vinden stod på så det til tider var vanskelig å holde balansen. Det er stilig å oppleve.

Jeg må innrømme at jeg er litt fascinert av disse fyrtårnene. Som misjonær ønsker jeg å være et åndelig fyrlys som kan lyse i mørket og være til hjelp og støtte til mennesker rundt meg.

søndag 24. januar 2016

På møte i Godt Håp

Erlend Hardang talte. Det var veldig fint å få være på søndagsmøte igjen i Nesttunbrekka 64.

lørdag 23. januar 2016

One of those days in Bergen

This place is beautiful when the weather is cold. The snow is shining and the view is awesome. Fanafjellet, at the area where I am working, we can walk up to the top of the mountain. I can't say it has been totally without suffering, because when the temperature has reached 10 minus, it is really cold. But at the same time we have to enjoy the clear view and the wonderful nature.

tirsdag 1. desember 2015

Wow - it has been long time since I made any changes on this blogg. So to keep you updated, I would just like to tell you that I resigned from the mission-organisation that I was working for. the 10th of November was the date I started working on my own. I stayed in Senegal until the 17th of the same month, befor me and my dear Ghanaian Mam Florence left by air to Ghana. I stayed there about one month, and have now been in Norway more than three weeks.

Tomorrow I will move to Bergen, because I got hired by a company that supplies nurses around the countrey. It is exiting. The company will provide house for me there and I will stay at least two and a half months.

I sent some news to those of you that recieves newsletters, with picturse and small information. There will be more later.

Time to say good bye...

It's not easy to say good bye, so we just said - we'll meet again pretty soon!
These are some of the lovely people I have been blessed to know in Senegal. Well Michel and her family was so lucky to meet me in France where we learned French.

fredag 29. mai 2015