tirsdag 7. april 2015

Tourism–visitting the African “Statue of Liberty” - Monument de la Renaissance africaine


Normally I don’t spend much time on tourism, visitting and seeing places in Senegal. I think I have to to that more often. It is very nice, but also very imortant to understand more of the history and culture of Senegal. This easter we had a visitor from Norway, Per Willy Edvardsen, but since our program was pretty tight we didn’t have much time for tourism. So at least, the last day before he went back to Norway, Dialla Touré and I decided to take him to see this huge statue that has been known not only for the size, but also for the cost (27 million $) and symbolism. It is about 50 metres. But now doubt that it is very impressive and inside we can learn a lot from televisions, pictures and written information.